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Proxy Voting

Mutual funds have an important opportunity to participate in the corporate governance process by conscientiously voting at the annual meetings of companies in their portfolios. Because fund managers have an obligation to vote in the best interests of the fund, we have always believed that our fund shareholders have an absolute right to know how we are voting on their behalf.

Domini was among the first mutual fund managers in the country to publish its proxy voting guidelines, and in 1999 the Domini Impact Equity Fund became the first mutual fund to publish its actual votes. We are proud to provide you with complete, up-to-date information on how we vote proxies for every company in the Domini Funds’ portfolios. As a result, you can hold us accountable for the positions we take on your behalf.

Companies issue their proxy statements at different times throughout the year, and information will be updated as it is received. Therefore, if you find a company with little or no information, please check back with us closer to the date of the company’s annual meeting.

Current Votes and Guidelines

Historical Voting Record

Download the Domini Funds' proxy voting record as filed with the SEC on Form N-PX: