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Local & National Communities

A strong, vibrant marketplace requires strong, vibrant communities.

Local and national communities place substantial investments at risk in support of industry, in the belief that a healthy and productive business community is good for society. For example, they may provide businesses with subsidies or tax breaks, or they may protect certain markets from foreign competition.

At the same time, corporations depend upon a wide range of substantial investments made by cities, states and national governments, including basic infrastructure such as roads, ports, airports, railways, water and sewage systems, legal systems, including a regulated financial system, an educated workforce, national defense and public health services.

When companies treat their local and national communities fairly in return, they are also making an investment in their own well-being. We look to invest in companies that invest in their communities, and maintain honest and transparent relations with government, including those that pay their fair share of taxes. Corporations that harm communities or work to undermine democratic government are ultimately engaging in self-defeating behavior.

In addition to considering these issues when selecting stocks for our funds, we also engage with companies and regulators on these issues. In recent years, we have engaged with companies on their political activities and contributions, their tax strategies, and how they manage conflicts with local and indigenous communities.

We believe that a healthy economy must be built from the bottom up. The Domini Impact Bond Fund invests in bonds and other securities that help residents of underserved urban and rural communities to start their own businesses and buy their own homes.  Learn more about the Domini Impact Bond Fund’s approach to community investing