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In November, Domini wrote a letter to Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of, raising concerns about the company’s participation in the militarization of the civilian firearms market, after we discovered semi-automatic weapon accessories being sold on Amazon that could help gun owners increase the firepower of their weapons. We highlighted, for example, a trigger kit that allows the shooter to “shoot as quickly as desired” and devices designed to increase accuracy and reduce shooter fatigue. Our letter, which received coverage from Reuters, was signed by 33 institutional investors managing $490 billion, including New York State and the Church of Sweden.

In a recent conversation with Amazon executives we learned that our letter was taken quite seriously. Most of the products we identified have been removed from and added to the company’s list of prohibited items. The third-party sellers have been notified that they may no longer offer these items for sale on Amazon. We will continue to engage Amazon to ensure that they are doing everything they can to avoid becoming a marketplace for assault weapons.