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Why Domini?

At Domini, we recognize that the world we live in tomorrow will be shaped by the investment decisions we make today.

Our shareholders invest with us for a variety of reasons, including planning for retirement, saving for college and building personal wealth. One goal they all share in common is a more sustainable and equitable future for all of our children. Together, our investment decisions matter.

We are dedicated to making your investment decisions count — for your personal financial benefit and for the benefit of society and the environment. Our investment strategies aim to have a positive impact so that when you reach your financial-planning goals, you can enjoy a better world — one that you helped to build.

Here are some of the many reasons investors choose Domini:

  • Focus on a “triple bottom line": We seek to provide competitive performance on three levels — people, planet and profit.
  • Industry leaders: We are focused exclusively on responsible investing and are led by pioneers in the field.
  • Transparent investment approach: We are committed to transparency on the standards we use in selecting our investments. Review our standards to ensure that they are consistent  with your sustainability objectives.
  • In-depth Analysis: All of our social, environmental and governance research is conducted in-house by our experienced team of research analysts.
  • Innovative Investment Process: Each of our mutual funds pursues an innovative strategy combining our expertise with the strength of a financial submanager.
  • Effective Advocacy: On behalf of our fund shareholders, we take an active role with the companies in our portfolios to improve corporate social, environmental and governance practices.