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Unified for Equality

This week we recognize two important forces working for equality in the United States: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 89th birthday and the first anniversary of the Women’s March on Washington. These movements both represent the power of non-violent protest and the role we all possess to create change. This week we celebrate all that we have accomplished towards racial and gender equality while also being reminded of how far we have to go.

Dr. King once wrote that, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Issues like gender and civil-rights inequality, those of fundamental human rights, demand action beyond the scope of any single population. We can only get there together. To counter a history of oppression, we’ll have to collaborate across borders, languages and generations.

We are proud of our diverse community at Domini and of our history as a female-founded and led organization. Everything we do, from our investment standards to our corporate engagement, revolve around two core goals: Ecological Sustainability and Universal Human Dignity. These are not merely ethical objectives – they are essential to social and financial progress. Diversity drives innovation. Equality and respect build stronger, more prosperous communities where all have the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

While we take time this week to appreciate and draw awareness to equality movements, it is also important to apply this awareness to our daily lives:

  1. Be Informed - Seek out diverse sources of information that inform your personal experiences and shape your perspective on these complicated issues. With greater context, we are more likely to reach a place of understanding and empathy.
  2. Speak Out - Be a voice in your neighborhood, workplace and online that asks questions and starts conversations about equality. Engage people, especially those of different ages and backgrounds, to consider these issues and become advocates for change.
  3. Get Involved - Seek out opportunities to do something on behalf of others - whether through activism, education or donation. These organizations offer places to start: NAACP, 2018 Women’s March, Global Fund for Women, ACLU