Domini is excited to offer impact investors a new opportunity to help make a difference. Shareholders have access to a global equity portfolio seeking companies providing solutions for a better future. The Domini Sustainable Solutions Fund is designed to help you meet your own personal financial goals and address many of the world’s greatest sustainability challenges.

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What does the Fund invest in?

The Domini Sustainable Solutions Fund invests worldwide in public companies of any size helping to address environmental and social challenges. Specifically, we seek companies that we believe are helping to support the following sustainability themes by developing or providing access to solution-oriented products/services, including but not limited to some of those in the following examples.

Accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future

Examples: Renewable energy, including wind and solar technologies; Distributed generation and off-grid energy solutions; Energy storage; Electric vehicles; High-efficiency semiconductors and other energy-efficient technologies

Contribute to the development of sustainable communities

Examples: Safe and affordable housing, Low-carbon transportation systems, Climate-resilient infrastructure; Climate-adaptation services; Sustainable design and engineering services; Smart-city technologies

Ensure access to clean water for drinking and sanitation

Examples:  Affordable water services; Water and wastewater treatment facilities; Water quality and filtration solutions; Water harvesting and conservation; Flow-control and plumbing

Support sustainable food systems

Examples:  Healthy, natural, organic, and/or plant-based foods; Consumer nutrition education; Reduction of food waste; Resource-efficient agriculture; Support for local and small-scale farming

Promote societal health and well-being 

Examples:  Preventative healthcare solutions, including vaccines and health education services; Innovative diagnostics and medicines for priority and neglected diseases; Mobile medical technologies

Broaden financial inclusion

Examples:  Affordable lending for underserved or disadvantaged communities; Financial literacy programs; Banking, insurance, and investment products/services; Access to capital for entrepreneurs and small businesses

Bridge the digital divide and expand economic opportunity 

Examples:  Information and communication technologies; Quality education or training services; Software or services that support the development of small- and medium-enterprises

How does the Fund support the Sustainable Development Goals?

The Fund's sustainability themes are closely aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By investing in the Domini Sustainable Solutions Fund, your portfolio can help to achieve these goals.

The 17 SDGs form the core of the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which has been universally adopted by the 193 UN Member States. Over the past few years, they have been widely embraced by governments and civil society organizations-as well as a growing number of companies and investors-as a roadmap to spreading peace and prosperity around the globe.

Learn more about how Domini aligns with the UN SDGs

How do we choose companies to invest in?

As with all Domini Funds, the companies held in the Sustainable Solutions Fund must meet Domini's Impact Investment Standards, which are underscored by two fundamental goals: universal human dignity and ecological sustainability.

We conduct extensive social, environmental and financial research and analysis to select companies that we believe have strong investment potential. In evaluating companies for the Fund, we consider a wide range of criteria and look for companies with unique competitive advantages and commitments to innovation, access, diversity, responsible business practices, and more.

Learn more about our Impact Investment Standards

How is the Fund managed?

The Fund seeks to provide shareholders with long-term total return by investing in stocks of solution-oriented companies helping to address sustainability challenges. 

The Fund invests in typically fewer than 50 stocks, diversified in size and geography. It may invest globally, including in developed markets across the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, as well as select emerging markets. It pursues a high-conviction, buy-and-hold strategy with an investment horizon of about 3 to 5 years.

As active owners, we also engage with companies to amplify the Fund’s impact. This may include direct dialogue with management teams on specific environmental, social and governance issues. As with all Domini Funds, we also vote company proxies on behalf of the Fund’s shareholders in accordance with our published proxy voting guidelines.

Learn more about how we engage with companies

Together, we can build a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Invest in the Domini Sustainable Solutions FundSM.

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Before investing, consider the Domini Funds’ investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. Contact us for a prospectus containing this and other information. Read it carefully.

The Domini Sustainable Solutions Fund is not insured and is subject to market, sustainable investing, portfolio management, information, mid- to large-cap companies, and small-cap companies risks. Investing internationally involves special risks, such as currency fluctuations, social and economic instability, differing securities regulations and accounting standards, limited public information, possible changes in taxation, and periods of illiquidity. You may lose money.

DSIL Investment Services LLC (DSILD), Distributor, Member FINRA. Domini Impact Investments LLC (Domini) is the Funds’ investment manager. The Funds are subadvised by unaffiliated entities.

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DSIL Investment Services LLC (DSILD) distributor, Member FINRA.

Domini Impact Investments LLC (Domini) is the Funds’ investment manager. The Funds are subadvised by unaffiliated entities.

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