At Domini, we have always understood that investments have impact. We seek to make decisions that have positive impact. Our pilot project focusing on forests is designed to help address the dynamics causing deforestation and to assure the health of our portfolios and the health of these systems we rely on.

Forests are Invaluable

Forests are home to much of world’s biodiversity - unknown multitudes of plants, insects, amphibians, and mammals like orangutans and rhinos.1

Forests cycle water and nutrients. They provide rainfall, oxygen, and healthy soil, and cool their local climate.2

Forests are part of the climate solution. They sequester carbon in their vegetation and soil. Reforestation could provide significant carbon sinks.3

Domini's Environmental Investment Standards

Forests Are Threatened

Every minute, an area of forest equivalent to 27 soccer fields is lost, with a total loss of 18.7 million acres annually.4

Deforestation is the third largest source of carbon emissions driving climate change, after coal and oil. An estimated 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions result from deforestation.5

Forest loss may be near a planetary boundary or tipping point where losses may be irreversible and move Earth’s climate to a “hothouse state” due to loss of carbon sequestration and climate regulation.6

How Domini Invests For Impact

We Can Act

Most forest loss is driven by just four commodities: 1) palm oil for food, personal care products, and biofuel, 2) soy for animal feed and biofuels, 3) cattle, and 4) wood and pulp products.7 

Palm oil is linked to deforestation in Southeast Asia that threatens orangutans and Sumatran rhinos. It is in almost half of packaged products.8  Channel your purchasing power to products that use Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Certified (RSPO) oil or avoid palm oil all together.9

Divest from companies that engage in unsustainable deforestation. Invest in a fund that considers environmental and social impacts of companies.

How Domini Works For Change Through Engagement

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