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Business Continuity Plan

Domini Impact Investments LLC and its affiliated distributor, DSIL Investment Services LLC, maintain a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that has been developed with the goal of protecting the health and safety of our employees and maintaining continuity of service for our Domini Funds shareholders. Our plan is designed to ensure that we are prepared to operate through significant business disruptions, so that our shareholders can access their funds without significant interruption under most circumstances.

Key elements of our BCP include the following:

  • We maintain an office evacuation plan and emergency procedures in the event of a disaster affecting our primary office facilities or surrounding area.
  • We maintain an emergency contact list and procedures updated and distributed on a regular basis.
  • Critical data from our computer systems is backed up daily to geographically remote, secure facilities.
  • All Domini employees can access Domini’s computer data remotely via a secure connection. In the event that Domini’s primary network is not accessible, Domini maintains replicas of all file and database servers in a geographically remote disaster-recovery network available to all employees over a secure connection.

Our mission critical functions, including shareholder transaction processing, custody and fund accounting, and investment submanagement, are accomplished through our key service providers. We require these key service providers to maintain business continuity plans that Domini reviews at least annually. The BCP is designed to address significant business disruptions of varying scope, including a firm-only disruption, single-building disruption, city-wide business disruption, or a regional disruption. In the event of a significant business disruption, our employees are to communicate from alternate locations and access Domini’s computer data remotely. Key service providers would be contacted, and would, if possible, continue to provide critical shareholder transaction processing, custody, fund accounting, and investment submanagement services. Our key service providers maintain offices outside New York City, and would not be affected by a city-wide business disruption. Even in the event of a regional disruption of significant scope, we require our key service providers to maintain alternate business locations that permit them to resume critical functions in a reasonable period of time. 

If you need to contact us after a significant business disruption, please call our shareholder servicing telephone number at 1-800-582-6757, our main office telephone number at 212-217-1100, or send us an email. If you cannot contact us by calling our shareholder servicing phone number, our main office phone number, or our website, please contact our transfer agent, BNY Mellon Asset Servicing, at 610-382-7826 or through its website at

It is impossible for us to anticipate every potential problem that may occur, but we believe our BCP will enable us to continue to conduct business in the event of a variety of possible business disruptions. We believe that our BCP is reasonably designed to help us limit the recovery time necessary to resume operations.

We review and test our BCP at least annually. The BCP is subject to modification based on changing circumstances and assessment of need.