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Coordinating a Global Investor Response in Bangladesh

Domini is helping to coordinate a global investor response to the Rana Plaza factory col­lapse – a tragedy that has brought an overdue sense of urgency to long-standing fire and safety issues in Bangladeshi apparel factories. During the quarter, the investor coalition wrote to 23 companies, including Coach, L Brands (formerly Limited Brands), and Nike.

In 2004, Domini helped convince Gap to publish its first public report detailing its efforts to improve working conditions in its global supply chain. We have advised the company on each of its successive reports as a member of its Public Reporting Working Group (PRWG).

As a mark of the trust and respect that has developed between us, each year the company has provided space in its report for a statement from the PRWG. The content of the state­ment is determined entirely by the PRWG, and is published unedited. This year, we chose to use our statement to commend Gap for its efforts to improve labor conditions in its supplier factories, but also to respond to the company’s decision not to join the multi-stake­holder Accord on Fire and Safety:

“We are disappointed in Gap Inc.’s decision not to participate in the Accord on Fire and Safety in Bangladesh, which includes the participation of all key stakeholders, and to help organize a parallel effort which has weaker accountability mechanisms and no trade union participation–the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety. In the coming months, we will look to Gap Inc. to bring to bear its resources, extensive experience of engagement with stakeholders–especially workers– and significant expertise to set high standards and work collaboratively with the Accord to bring about needed change.”

- (Excerpt from PRWG statement. Full statement available at

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