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From Forest and Farm to Fork

The food choices we make every day have a surprisingly important impact on people and ecosystems around the world. Corporations like Kraft and Pepsi purchase significant quantities of basic commodities like palm oil and soy through complex supply chains that may end in a rainforest in Indonesia or a farm in Brazil. We are making a focused effort to work with these companies to ensure that these purchases are not inadvertently driving human rights violations and destruction of critical ecosystems.

The shareholder proposal is an effective tool for encouraging corporate management to come to the table to discuss our concerns. In January, Mondelez International updated its website to explain how it is addressing deforestation in its supply chain—a direct response to Domini’s shareholder proposal. We are currently in a focused dialogue on these policies, encouraging the company to provide more robust data to its investors.

Our proposal on deforestation also brought PepsiCo to the table. We are currently discussing the impact of the company’s palm oil, soy, paper and sugar purchases on forests around the world. We hope to convince the company to adopt an over-arching forestry policy, backed by clear public reporting, in order to allow Pepsi’s customers and investors to evaluate its progress.

Our forestry proposal at Kraft Foods Group will go to a vote in May.